Goal: 1000 Creative Things

The teacher who gave the commencement speech at my high school graduation advised us to always have a list of ten things we wanted to accomplish in our life, and to add a new goal whenever we crossed one off. He informed us that “give a commencement speech” was on his list, and so he was fulfilling one of his dreams as he spoke.

My teacher recommended ten goals, but why have ten when you can have one hundred, or even one thousand? Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl has a stunning life list of one hundred things she wants to do. Some of those one hundred goals are broken into sub-goals — even 1000 of them: “Taste 1,000 fruits,” “Listen to 1,000 new songs,” “Make 1,000 lovely things.” (She only aims to throw 100 parties, however. Slacker.)

I’ve had my own life list since I was in college. I rarely look at it, but I’ve managed to accomplish several of the items just by living my life. Several of the items that I haven’t gotten to yet relate to art — carve a stone sculpture, make a stained-glass window, draw from a nude model, etc. But I like Maggie’s ambition, so in that spirit I’m combining my artistic goals into one: Make or do 1,000 creative things. It sounds like a lot, but less so when I consider that’s an average of two per week for ten years.


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