Retro Camera app test

Retro Camera Little Orange Box


A friend often posts beautiful, Polaroid-esque photos on Facebook. I asked her if she really had a Polaroid. “No, it’s just an iPhone app,” she said, “but I get a lot of comments on those photos.”

On my way home from work yesterday I realized that a similar app probably existed for Android phones. I found a free-with-ads app called Retro Camera that has five different vintage camera modes: Little Orange Box (above), Xolaroid, Pinhole, FudgeCan, and Barbl (below). It’s pretty fun, but I think it will be more interesting with outdoor pictures and portraits. Indoors, it was difficult to get enough light to make it work.

Retro Camera Xolaroid


Retro Camera Pinhole

Retro Camera FudgeCan

Retro Camera Barbl



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