The Walk Home

There are many reasons to take pictures. Photography allows you to preserve your memories, document a scene or make art. All of these are important to me, but walking home yesterday, I found another reason why I feel photography is worthwhile: It changes how I see the world.

Some things, like a flower stand, were going to catch my eye anyway.

Other images, like the reflection of clouds in the windows of an otherwise dull building, might have escaped me.

Light and shadow are no longer mundane aspects of the visible world, but powerful elements to harness for my own creative purposes.

With a camera in hand, something as routine as walking home from work invites creativity. It challenges you to see the beauty in your everyday surroundings, or to capture the beauty that you’ve always noted.

Even waiting for a traffic light to change is no longer boring. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to capture motion…

… or a hint of approaching spring.

1000 creative things: 3/1000


3 thoughts on “The Walk Home

  1. I like your viewpoint…I agree, photography opens up one’s eyes and we end up viewing everything we look at in ‘picture’ format, ie composition. Will it work, what do I have to leave out, can I get in closer, and so on. You have a good ‘eye’.

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