Sketchpad and schemes

This site is called Sketchpad and Camera, and yet so far, it’s been all camera. One reason, I suppose, is that I’ve been taking a photography class for the past seven weeks, so I’ve naturally been focused on that. Another reason is that I just haven’t done much drawing for years, whereas I’ve taken photographs for years (even if it’s only within the past year that I learned anything about how to do more than automatic-mode snapshots). The idea of picking up the pencil again is actually kind of intimidating. What if what I draw isn’t any good? I have to remember that when I was a child and drawing was my favorite activity, I enjoyed the process and didn’t worry about the outcome. Getting back to that mindset would be beneficial in many areas, I suspect.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of some future projects — involving Sketchpad, Camera, and Other Tools — and making plans to try them in the future. Here are some of my artistic goals which I intend to be some of my 1000 creative things.

1. Take 100 unique photos of the same subject
2. Photograph people jumping
3. Do a portrait shoot of a friend
4. Do a portrait shoot of a child
5. Take a photo for a BBC “Your Pictures” challenge
6. Photograph the President (I see this happening at a large public event with a telephoto lens, but one never knows)
7. Photograph with a film camera

8. Create a travel sketchbook
9. Sketch a nude
10. Paint something on canvas
11. Sketch at one of the Smithsonian museums
12. Illustrate a folk tale

Both or Other
13. Photograph or sketch, and write about, an off-the-Mall monument in DC
14. Make a photo+drawing collage
15. Make a stop-motion video
16. Design a room 
17. Create a font
18. Sculpt something from wood
19. Sculpt something from stone
20. Make a Peeps diorama


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