Sunday at the White House

The 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue is always closed to traffic. Sometimes the street is populated by roller hockey players or Segway riders, often it’s filled  with tourists, and frequently it’s the site of protests. On Sunday, it was home to this:

I arrived at the tail end of a protest against what was formerly called the School of the Americas and is now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Although the main action — a “die-in,” according to the web site of SOA Watch, the group that organized the protest — had concluded, the street was still blocked off by police.

And protestors were still being arrested.

The man below in the white shirt made himself into a dead weight, so that police had to drag him to the van.

As the police van drove away with the arrested protestors, supporters on the sidewalk applauded and cheered.

More protest photos after the jump.

1000 things: 14/1000


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