L.A. Part 1: La Placita Olvera


Welcome to day one of L.A. Week. Last week I traveled for the first time to the City of Angels, and this week I’ll be sorting through the 800+ pictures I took and posting my favorites.

Today’s subject is La Placita Olvera, also known as Olvera Street. La Placita Olvera is considered to be the birthplace of Los Angeles, so it’s an appropriate place to begin. La Placita Olvera is a car-free street filled with Mexican restaurants, shops, kiosks, musicians, and historic buildings, including the oldest house in Los Angeles. My trip to L.A. included four visits to La Placita Olvera, owing primarily to my traveling companion’s love for a particular restaurant there. So I have lots of pictures of this colorful and fascinating street — have a look, and if you’re in L.A., check it out.

Church at the entrance to La Placita Olvera

Te amo a ti, La Placita Olvera.

Musicians serenade a diner

Luchadores masks at a kiosk

Puppets for sale at a kiosk

The Avila Adobe, built in 1818, is the oldest house in Los Angeles.

Inside the Avila Adobe

Small colorful guitars like these were everywhere on Olvera Street.

The iconic donkey of Olvera Street, plus the Easter bunny

After a revitalization campaign, Olvera Street opened in its present form as a Mexican marketplace on Easter Sunday in 1930, which makes now anniversary time. Happy 81st anniversary, La Placita Olvera, and thanks for a great time.

1000 creative things: 15/1000

Related: Saturday was the 81st “Blessing of the Animals” on Olvera Street. I wasn’t in town to see that, but you can check out some pictures here.


3 thoughts on “L.A. Part 1: La Placita Olvera

  1. Hi Jen! I loved the Olvera Street photos. Katie and I visited LA back in 1986 or 1987, and spent a day walking around the area. That visit was the first time I heard Columbian pipe music and I remember just standing and listening for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing!

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