L.A. Part 2: Wildlife

Apologies for the complete lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. I’ve been shamefully remiss in sticking to much of a schedule lately. Anyway, here’s part two of my L.A. pictures.

One thing I like about traveling to locations in different regions of the country or world is the opportunity to see animals and plants I don’t see at home. I’m not sure if I’ve simply missed all the hummingbirds in all the places where I’ve lived, or if they just don’t live in those places, but within two hours of arriving in L.A. I saw the first hummingbird I’d ever seen.

This was another striking bird I saw at Griffith Observatory, where I saw the hummingbird. It took a bit of searching (because “blue bird” only led to links about bluebirds, which this is apparently not), but I think I’ve identified it as a Western Scrub-Jay.

And then there was this:

This one I’ve been unable to positively identify, so if someone could help me out, that would be great. This bird kept soaring through the valleys between hills, then swooping close overhead, leading me to grab frantically for my camera.

Here’s another shot of the same bird, with the city barely visible through the smog.

Huh. So I guess when I said “wildlife,” I really meant “birds.” Oh well. Here are a couple of shots of seagulls at the beach, plus a reminder of why you should always pick up your trash.

1000 things: 16/1000


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