Beating the deadline, with a phone camera

“Run like the wind! Or walk really fast, both are good!” race marshal Tony Horton yelled at the start of the National Press Club’s “Beat the Deadline 5K” yesterday.

I did a little of both. This was my second 5K, my first having taken place five years ago in Madison, WI, and concluding at Camp Randall football stadium with free beer (which I was unable to enjoy, having forgotten my ID. I admit, I’m still a little bitter.)

At the starting line

One dilemma I find about these races is that you don’t really have anywhere to put things while you are running if you don’t have a car nearby. I took my phone with me. As soon as I began running, I found that it was too heavy in my pocket, so I decided to hold onto it while I ran. A moment later, I rounded the corner onto Pennsylvania Avenue and was greeted with a beautiful view of hundreds of people running toward the Capitol. And I realized it was a good thing that I had my phone in my hand — becaue that meant I had a camera. I could run and photograph at the same time!

The first runners pass the pack on their way back, and everyone cheers

Not wanting to actually stop running to take photos, however, means that they’re rather blurry and poor-quality (or “artistic,” depending on your point of view). As for the running, I finished the race in, I think, 32:47. I failed to pace myself properly and ended up walking much of the last mile, although if I had paced myself I think my time would have been about the same. It was a lot of fun, and I would definitely like to run a 5K (or more) again. Though perhaps not with a phone camera.

At the finish line


One thought on “Beating the deadline, with a phone camera

  1. I like cellphone cameras as they make interesting captures, whether blurred or not. These are a good selection, the last one being my favourite…the distortion. ^_^

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