Sunset on Target Field

The 2011 season is over for the Minnesota Twins, with just under one hundred losses.

Asked to sum up the season in one word, manager Ron Gardenhire said, “That’s hard to put into one word, but I guess the first word that came to mind, which is probably the right one, is nightmare.” (via Fox Sports)









On a summer trip to my homeland, my family and I were able to go to Target Field and witness one of the team’s 99 losses this year, 2-6 to the Detroit Tigers. The stadium itself, only in its second year of use, did not disappoint. Our seats were in the upper deck behind the third base, giving a perfect view of the Minneapolis skyline as the sun sank behind us and reflected off the glass towers. I spent much of my time taking pictures during breaks from keeping score. As the game progressed, long shadows projected from the upper deck onto the field gave way to an orange sunset glow and then to the illumination of floodlights against the black sky.














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